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Saturday, October 5, 2013


диагностика частотника
                              ; Test 3: Learning even more about the board: timer in polling mode
                              ; New things to learn:
                              ; - Timer in polling mode
                              ; - MOV-command
                              ; Again my special DEVICE-command
.INCLUDE "8515def.inc"
                              ; universal register definition
.DEF mp=R16
                              ; Counter for the number of timeouts
.DEF z1=R0
                              ; Reset-Vector on adress 0000
 rjmp main
                              ; Main program starts here
       ldi mp,LOW(RAMEND)     ;Initiate Stackpointer (Subroutines!)
       out SPL,mp
       ldi mp,HIGH(RAMEND)
       out SPH,mp
                              ; Software-Counter-Register to zero
       ldi mp,0              ; z1 cannot directly be set to zero as it is below R16
       mov z1,mp             ; So set mp to zero and copy to R0
                              ; Prescaler of the timer = 1024, 4 MHz/1024 = 3906,25 Hz
                              ; that equals a timer tick every 256 us.
       ldi mp,0x05            ;Initiate Timer/Counter 0 Prescaler
       out TCCR0,mp           ; to Timer 0 Control Register
                              ; Port B is LED-port
       ldi mp,0xFF            ; all bits as output
       out DDRB,mp            ; to data direction register
                              ; Main program loop reads the counter until he reaches zero, increments
                              ; software counter and displays result on the LEDs.
                              ; 256 timer ticks need 65.536 ms, resulting in a frequency of 15.25878906 Hz.
       in mp,TCNT0            ; read the 8-bit timer 0
       cpi mp,0               ; test for zero
       brne loop              ; if not zero branch to loop start
       rcall IncZ1            ; call subroutine software-timer-increment
       rcall Display          ; call subroutine display-software-counter
       in mp,TCNT0            ; again read timer 0
       cpi mp,0               ; test for zero
       breq warte             ; wait until not zero any more
       rjmp loop              ; start next round
       inc z1                 ; increment software counter
       ret                    ; return to the main program
       mov mp,z1              ; copy software counter to universal register
       com mp                 ; One-complement = XOR(FF) due to reverse LEDs
       out PORTB,mp           ; send to LED port
       ret                    ; return to the main program

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