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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


ремонт модуля частотного преобразователя
                              ;**** A P P L I C A T I O N   N O T E   A V R 2 2 2 ************************
                              ;* Title:  8-Point Moving Average Filter
                              ;* Version:  1.0
                              ;* Last updated: 97.07.04
                              ;* Target:  AT90Sxx1x (Devices with SRAM)
                              ;* Support E-mail: avr@atmel.com

                              ;* DESCRIPTION

                              ;* This Application note shows an implementation of an 8-point Moving
                              ;* Average (MAV) filter. The program filters a data array containing SIZE
                              ;* elements starting at T_START. The App. note contains a test
                              ;* program which copies a 60-byte block of data from program memory to 
                              ;* SRAM and filters the data. Note that the ends of the data array are not
                              ;* filtered.



.include "8515def.inc"

.equ SIZE=60                  ;data array size
.equ TABLE_L=$60              ;Low SRAM address of first data element
.equ TABLE_H=$00              ;High SRAM address of first data element

 rjmp RESET                   ;Reset Handle

                              ;* "mav8"
                              ;* This subroutine filters SIZE bytes with the first element in SRAM
                              ;* location T_START. The filter routine uses an 8-byte ring buffer which
                              ;* occupies working registers r0-r7. As filtering progresses, this ring 
                              ;* buffer always contains the 8-byte window to be averaged.
                              ;* Number of words :31 + return
                              ;* Number of cycles :59 + (SIZE-7)*75 + return
                              ;* Low registers used :11 (r0-r7,mav_tmp,AL,AH)
                              ;* High registers used :1 (t_size)
                              ;* Pointers used :X,Y,Z

                              ;***** Subroutine Register Variables

.def mav_tmp=r8               ;temprary storage register
.def AL=r9                    ;ring buffer sum, low byte
.def AH=r10                   ;ring buffer sum, high byte
.def t_size=r16               ;size of table

                              ;***** Code

       clr YH
       clr YL                 ;init pointers
       clr XH
       clr XL

                              ;***** Fill ring buffer with first-8 byte data segment

       ld mav_tmp,Z+          ;get SRAM data
       st Y+,mav_tmp          ;store in register
       cpi YL,8               ;got all?
       brne mav8_1            ;if not, loop more
       sbiw ZL,5              ;Z points to first value to filter

                              ;***** Find average
       clr AH                 ;Clear avg High byte
       clr AL                 ;Clear avg Low byte
       clr YL                 ;init Y-pointer
       ld mav_tmp,Y+   
       add AL,mav_tmp         ;add value to AL
       adc AH,XH              ;add carry to AH (XH is zero)
       cpi YL,8               ;added all ?
       brne mav8_3            ;if not, loop again 
       lsr AH                 ;divide by 8
       ror AL    
       lsr AH    
       ror AL    
       lsr AH    
       ror AL    
       ldd mav_tmp,Z+5        ;get next value to buffer
       st X+,mav_tmp          ;store to buffer
       andi XL,$07            ;mask away pointer upper bits
       st Z+,AL               ;store average
       dec t_size
       cpi t_size,4           ;end of array?
       brne mav8_2            ;if not, loop more 

                              ;* Test Program
                              ;* This program copies 60 bytes of data from  Program memory to SRAM. It 
                              ;* then calls "mav8" to get the data filtered.


                              ;***** Main program Register variables

.def temp=r16

                              ;***** Code
       ldi temp,low(RAMEND)
       out SPL,temp
       ldi temp,high(RAMEND)
       out SPH,temp           ;init Stack Pointer

                              ;***** Memory fill
       clr ZH
       ldi ZL,tableend*2+1    ;Z-pointer <- ROM table end + 1
       ldi YL,low(256*TABLE_H+TABLE_L+SIZE)
       ldi YH,high(256*TABLE_H+TABLE_L+SIZE) 
                              ;Y pointer <- SRAM table end + 1
       lpm                    ;get ROM constant
       st -Y,r0               ;store in SRAM and decrement Y-pointer
       sbiw ZL,1              ;decrement Z-pointer
       cpi YL,TABLE_L         ;if not done
       loop                   ;loop more
       cpi YH,TABLE_H
       brne loop

                              ;***** Filter data

       ldi ZL,TABLE_L
       ldi ZH,TABLE_H
       ldi T_size,SIZE
       rcall mav8

       rjmp forever 

                              ;***** 60 ROM Constants

.db 120,196
.db 78,216
.db 78,100
.db 43,39
.db 241,43
.db 62,172
.db 109,69
.db 48,184
.db 215,231
.db 63,133
.db 216,8
.db 121,126
.db 188,98
.db 168,205
.db 157,172
.db 108,233
.db 80,255
.db 252,102
.db 198,0
.db 171,239
.db 107,114
.db 172,170
.db 17,45
.db 42,55
.db 34,174
.db 229,250
.db 12,179
.db 187,243
.db 44,231
.db 76,48

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