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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


ремонт частотного преобразователя
                              ;**** A P P L I C A T I O N   N O T E   A V R 2 2 0 ************************
                              ;* Title:  Bubble Sort Algorithm
                              ;* Version:  1.0
                              ;* Last updated: 97.07.04
                              ;* Target:  AT90Sxx1x (Devices with SRAM)
                              ;* Support E-mail: avr@atmel.com
                              ;* DESCRIPTION
                              ;* This Application note shows how to sort a block of data in SRAM using 

                              ;* the code efficient Bubble Sort Algorithm. The App. note contains a test
                              ;* program which copies a 60-byte block of data from program memory to 
                              ;* SRAM and sorts the data.


.include "8515def.inc"

.equ SIZE=60                  ;data block size
.equ TABLE_L=$60              ;Low SRAM address of first data element
.equ TABLE_H=$00              ;High SRAM address of first data element

 rjmp RESET                   ;Reset Handle

                              ;* "bubble"
                              ;* This subroutine bubble sorts the number of bytes found in "cnt1" + 1
                              ;* with the last element in SRAM at location "last". 
                              ;* This implementation sorts the data with the highest element at the 
                              ;* lowest SRAM address. The sort order can be reversed by changing the 
                              ;* "brlo" statement to "brsh". Signed sort can be obtained by using "brlt" 
                              ;* or "brge"
                              ;* Number of words :13 + return
                              ;* Number of cycles :6*(SIZE-1)+10*(SIZE(SIZE-1))+return (Min)
                              ;*    6*(SIZE-1)+13*(SIZE(SIZE-1))+return (Max)
                              ;* Low registers used :3 (A,B,cnt2)
                              ;* High registers used :3 (cnt1,endL,endH)
                              ;* Pointers used :Z

                              ;***** Subroutine Register Variables

.def A=r13                    ;first value to be compared
.def B=r14                    ;second value to be compared
.def cnt2=r15                 ;inner loop counter
.def cnt1=r16                 ;outer loop counter
.def endL=r17                 ;end of data array low address
.def endH=r18                 ;end of data array high address

                              ;***** Code

       mov ZL,endL
       mov ZH,endH            ;init Z pointer
       mov cnt2,cnt1          ;counter2 <- counter1
       ld A,Z                 ;get first byte, A (n)
       ld B,-Z                ;decrement Z and get second byte, B (n-1)
       cp A,B                 ;compare A with B
       brlo L1                ;if A not lower 
       st Z,A                 ;store swapped
       std Z+1,B
       dec cnt2
       brne i_loop            ;end inner loop
       dec cnt1
       brne bubble            ;end outer loop  

                              ;* Test Program
                              ;* This program copies 60 bytes of data from Program memory to SRAM. It 
                              ;* then calls "bubble" to get the data sorted.


                              ;***** Main program Register variables

.def temp=r16

                              ;***** Code

       di temp,low(RAMEND)
       out SPL,temp
       ldi temp,high(RAMEND)
       out SPH,temp           ;init Stack Pointer

                              ;***** Memory fill
       clr ZH
       ldi ZL,tableend*2+1    ;Z-pointer <- ROM table end + 1
       ldi YL,low(256*TABLE_H+TABLE_L+SIZE)
       ldi YH,high(256*TABLE_H+TABLE_L+SIZE) 
                              ;Y pointer <- SRAM table end + 1
       lpm                    ;get ROM constant
       st -Y,r0               ;store in SRAM and decrement Y-pointer
       sbiw ZL,1              ;decrement Z-pointer
       cpi YL,TABLE_L         ;if not done
       brne loop              ;loop more
       cpi YH,TABLE_H
       brne loop

                              ;***** Sort data

       ldi endL,low(TABLE_H*256+TABLE_L+SIZE-1)
       ldi endH,high(TABLE_H*256+TABLE_L+SIZE-1)
                              ;Z <- end of array address
       ldi cnt1,SIZE-1        ;cnt1 <- size of array - 1
       rcall bubble

       rjmp forever 

                              ;***** 60 ROM Constants
.db 120,196
.db 78,216
.db 78,100
.db 43,39
.db 241,43
.db 62,172
.db 109,69
.db 48,184
.db 215,231
.db 63,133
.db 216,8
.db 121,126
.db 188,98
.db 168,205
.db 157,172
.db 108,233
.db 80,255
.db 252,102
.db 198,0
.db 171,239
.db 107,114
.db 172,170
.db 17,45
.db 42,55
.db 34,174
.db 229,250
.db 12,179
.db 187,243
.db 44,231

.db 76,48

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